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Product Princess Auto Universal Sliding Heavy Duty Angle Grinder Stand



Super User
Anybody using one of these?

I have an extra grinder and I see these stands are on sale right now. Useful? Garbage?




I have the cheaper non sliding version from Amazon, it's a bit meh. I mean it's ok, but it is what it is, it isn't a chop saw. It's kind of a nuisance to set up, so you kind of need a dedicated grinder for it if you decide to go that way. Mine has a dedicated use to cut horseshoes for welded horseshoe art. Other than that I free hand cut with my angle grinders, much easier and quicker.

little ol' e

Jus' a hobby guy
I don't own 1 but I think they would be useful in a small hobby environment. Safer than free cutting IMO but with a catch.
If your cutting up wide stock to its capacity limit then I would look into something else. I would think it could be potentially dangerous. I would probably want to keep the tension on the slider limiting when cutting at its limit. I would imagine, the pull back could get ugly fast with a 4 1/2 - 5 inch zip wheel under no slider tension.
Just my thoughts.


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Thank you for the input guys. The "stand that turns your hand drill into a drill press" probably swayed me away form it.

Seen the Princess Auto ad and realized I had a second angle grinder that was gifted to me, that might be put to use.

I do have a 4x6 Horizontal Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw and I'm sure that will work for most of my small cutting needs.


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Premium Member
I bought the PA non sliding version when on sale (a year or so ago).
Out of box for 15 seconds-
POC - back in box & back to store.
So can’t say how it works, never plugged it in - but IMO my body parts are worth more.