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Pickup, package and drop item off for shipment in Montreal.


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OK as promised a couple of photos. The first two are of the unit as it sits now.

View attachment 13583
View attachment 13584
And this is prior shipping. I circled the two areas in the prior to shipping that shows they were ok. :)

View attachment 13585

My forensics....lol. The upper sections wrapped in hard foam, and then bubble wrap. The box was stuffed full of packaging peanuts (with nowhere for them to go). The solid blow probably placed enough transferred load onto the blade guard which broke. The broken guard pushed into the blade and broke it.

I have not figured out what cause the motor control box hing point to be broken. I was lucky to recover all the little pieces.

So for future reference..... if you are shipping UPS read Terms and Conditions of Service. 19 pages of legal ,cover my butt document in favor of UPS. Also read 44 pages document Rates and Service Guide. another cover my butt document in favor of UPS. In this document pay attention to packaging. I'm lucky. It appears my package exceeded the UPS requirements.

My only concern presently is in the first document

Section 3.3 Prohibited Articles
– Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Baggage shipped to any other country except the United States. See Section 3.5 for details.
(only pasted the part that I was worried about)

And Section 3.5 Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Baggage
These are Shipments containing used items intended for personal use rather than items being shipped for distribution, business maintenance or wholesale/retail sale. Examples of such items include (without limitation) used clothing, previously purchased goods, personal grooming items, a suitcase contained within a carton or box, etc.
– These items may only be shipped within Canada and to the U.S., and only on a Pre-approval basis.
– Specific export documentation is required for shipping Personal Effects and Unaccompanied Baggage to the U.S., including: • U.S. Customs form 3299 • Proof of Status, such as a copy of a passport, visa, or birth certificate.
– Shipments of Personal Effects and Unaccom-panied Baggage to some destinations other than Canada and the U.S. may be accepted at The UPS Store® locations.
(full section cut and pasted)

Does this fall under a personal effect? Personal use? Previously purchased goods? These items may only be shipped within Canada and to the U.S., and only on a Pre-approval basis.
I worried they will use this as a loop hole. I did not receive any pre-approval?

I phoned in my claim today. They will return my call within in 24 working hours. Is it worth completing the online claim form also?

If anything it is a great learning experience. I'm glad it was not damaged any more then it was.

No, your ok on these items.

Trust me...I can't see UPS making this too easy getting a claim through...as you wrote...the contract is built for them

What is your deductible?




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To complete the online claim you need to agree to the UPS Technology Agreement. 18 more pages or reading if your one to read these things.

I figured I would post this section here for those following along.

5.1.Support and Maintenance. From time to time UPS, in its sole discretion, may, in response to Your request, choose to provide support or maintenance for the Software (“Support Services”). You hereby authorize UPS and its authorized agents (the “Support Providers”), in order to provide Support Services, to access the Software, other applications which You may be using in conjunction with the Software and Your computer systems either (1) remotely, via the Internet or other means (which may require the installation of additional software on Your computer systems by UPS or the Support Providers) (“Support Software”), or (2) through on-site visits at specific times as mutually agreed upon by the parties. Each support session using Support Software will be separately approved by You. During such sessions UPS may see the Software as operating on the Your computer system and UPS may assist You in making modifications to Your computer systems. You further grant UPS and Support Providers the right to manipulate and modify the Software and Your computer systems, applications, files and data as reasonably necessary to provide You with Support Services. However, You agree that any Support Services will be provided at UPS’s discretion and nothing in the Agreement shall be interpreted to obligate UPS to provide any Support Services.

5.2.Access to Proprietary Information. You acknowledge and agree that You may disclose, or that UPS or the Support Providers may observe, Your information and data during the provision of Support Services by UPS or the Support Providers; and that such information and data shall be deemed non-confidential and thus, not covered by General Terms and Conditions Article 7, unless UPS has agreed otherwise in a signed confidentiality agreement separate from this Agreement. In addition, You acknowledge that the remote communications sessions utilized by UPS or the Support Providers may be implemented through the Internet, which is inherently insecure, and You agree that UPS or the Support Providers shall not be liable for any security breaches occurring on the Internet. You should take the foregoing into account when requesting Support Services from UPS or Support Providers.

I do not agree to this. Which means I can not file an online claim.

I like how these companies give you no option but to agree to their terms and conditions to move forward.


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@Perry I'm not a lawyer but I work with them everyday interpreting these types of Terms of Use.

One of most eye-raising clauses we see basically says that the customer gives the service provider a world-wide licence to access, display etc the customer data.
At first blush this is problematic because why would we give the company a licence to our data?
In reality, the clause is there so that the company can actually use our data to provide the service to us, the customer. Without that clause the company can't use our data to provide the service to us.

For the UPS example, "Software" means those items of UPS Technology that (i) are software and that are provided by UPS to You under this Agreement, (excluding sample computer software code) and any associated Technical Documentation, and (ii) any Updates thereto to the extent provided by UPS to You under this Agreement.

I see no reason why accepting that condition is problematic.
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The orange stuff is a little snippet to support remote help by IT guys. It is common stuff - you use UPS software but run into problem - you cannot resolve the issue easily via phone so tech logs on to your PC remotely (with your permission) and tries to resolve the issue - this may be due to UPS software or some other software you are using.

This is explained more in #2.

Not sure what is wrong with this - you are in full control and it is very convenient form of support - you almost certainly would not be offered this level of help unless you were rather "big guy" - it is expensive for UPS to do so.

Most IT companies including the one I work for do this all the time - it is much cheaper and easier to do then sending an actual technician to your place.

There are no privacy concerns I can think of - I doubt UPS remote help software would have a virus in it or some back door etc. or installed a root kit on your pc etc. Windows also has some build in remote help capability already.


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I do not agree to this. Which means I can not file an online claim.
I like how these companies give you no option but to agree to their terms and conditions to move forward.

Just an update. I needed to get creative. It worked.

I see no reason why accepting that condition is problematic.

Four of their employees agreed to MY terms and conditions.

Apparently UPS does see a problem accepting these terms and conditions. My terms and conditions were basically the same as theirs.

Damages covered. We are friends again. :)