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Our first big step towards even more exciting next steps. (Group Courses, Group Metal Buys, etc.)

Tom Kitta

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AFAIK there is no KMS discount. Stuff you buy at KMS simply supports the group financially - at least that is what I was told by the store - around 2 years ago or so.


the store has no idea what they are talking about. they don't help us. I've never gotten a discount beyond the "are you a member" regular price discount.


I just filled out the survey... it's still up and working so I figured I should fill it out, even in 2020

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Done shamed into it sigh lol don't usually take them but deemed it a just cause.


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I just did the survey too…. before realizing this was almost from the PC epoch
(Pre Covid…, not Progressive Conservatives…)


I just filled it out. It may be interesting if everyone refilled out the survey, and compare the results from the initial survey.


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I did the survey last week.

Gathering data relative to the members is a key way of assisting and making educational materials available to the group.

This exercise takes time for results and actions to be formulated that will benefit us all.