Ontario Members: any interest in a meet/Greet?

Interest in a Meet/Greet/Demo?

  • I would like to go: February works

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  • I would like to go: February doesn’t work

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Ok - question to the Mods?@Janger ?, is there a way to set up a list so I can see who all would like to attend and then I can email out my address?

I guess I can ask anyone who would plan on attending to PM me- use the heading “I will attend” and provide for me your information so I can put together a big email.

I am thinking along the lines of say:

10am start
Chats, meets greets etc
11 am demo - will figure out something
12 - Lunch - hopefully great weather, can provide something like pulled pork on a bun with salad. Some drinks, etc
1:30 Demo #2
2:30 Demo #3

Wrap stuff up, more mingling and chatting etc

If folks can bring a fold up chair - excellent

I can put on a keg of beer if some are up for that (donations welcome) if there’s more need of time, no problem

If anyone wants to demonstrate something - let me know and we can organize. I am getting the tool sharpener up to function so we can play with that a bit.

If anyone want something shown on the lathe or mill or welding (within reason) we can try and accommodate that as well.

If anyone is coming a great distance - We can perhaps carry over to the Sunday - :)
- Your schedule looks good - maybe 9AM start? - but then I am an early riser
- I will be driving so not much beer req'd (although i love keggers)
- certainly a small fee to ensure all your cost are covered (depending on numbers you might want to consider a Port-a-Potty)
- help --- what is "PM me"? How?


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I will be in, one way or another. Commercial flight, private flight or drive, but you said beer, right?


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Hello Ontario Folks!

Just giving this thread a bump to get some responses.

This would be for the May 28th (Saturday) time.

So far I have the following:

@thestelster - good to come
@Canadium - Possibly if heath is up to it
@CWret -good to come
@Susquatch - Good to come if plants allow
@ShawnR - Working on transportation
@trlvn - Good to come (Unless his baby arrives) :D

@CWret is in the Burlington area and is willing to car pool up 3 passengers if that assists travel.

There has been a request to possibly have a tool swap/tools for sale period - that sounds great

Since we are now in May if folks could send me a PM that would be great.

We can get things going at any time on Saturday - I expect there could be some staggered arrivals due to the travel - should be no problem for early or later arrivals. I will try and organize things so that very little is missed by anyone coming.

I will start another post after a few more folks firm things up - if you have suggestions please add them to your contact information when you PM me - I am sure we will have other opportunities to get things together at later dates if this meet and greet is successful.
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