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Ontario meetup, April 6


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Meetup announcement for Southern Ontario (GTHA and The Golden Horseshoe) on Saturday April 6, 2024 at 10AM.

Modern Tool Ltd. has kindly agreed to host the meetup at their Newmarket location. Modern Tool is a major supplier of metal working machines and has facilities across Canada.

The meetup will start with a short tour of their repair shop, warehouse, and machine demo areas. Their service technician will then give a machine demonstration. Modern Tool puts their machines under power to check them over before being sold. The technician we will meet is Sie Tucker. His responsibilities includes machine modifications for ESA inspection and CSA certification. He is very knowledgeable, experienced and interesting.

Forum members are encouraged to bring along one of their recent projects to show to fellow members. The meet and greet will continue during lunch.

Please respond and / or comment:
- what do you think about this meetup;
- will you be able to attend;
- are you willing to give a short presentation;
- should a swap meet be included; and
- are you able to contribute a door prize (new or used)

Also I would appreciate a RSVP to CWret via PM with your email address if you plan to attend.
I’m open that weekend and plan on attending


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Great. Looking fwd to meeting you.
Welcome to the Forum.
Great bunch that are always willing to answer questions or help with any metalworking issues you may have.


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I went to Modern Tool on Friday and meet with Sie. The meetup agenda is starting to take shape. It’s going to be really interesting. Sie offered tables for a swap meet display area. He is also getting Modern Tool to supply a couple of items for door prizes. I mentioned that we wanted to set up a BBQ for lunch and he said OK plus Modern would supply the drinks.
FYI: On the way home I stopped in at Accusize and picked up a big stack of their 2024 tool catalogues. Accusize is also going to supply a door prize.

Dan Dubeau

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Swap meet sounds great. I'll make sure to bring some cash, and a box of surplus to my needs stuff.

Any chance Sie could put in a good word for a plant tour of their industrial park neighbors Acushnet? Asking for a friend......:D


Unfortunately I've got a trip to the GTA a couple of days before, so that's my travel down there for April (if I can help it). Hopefully I can make it to the next one.


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Mr Scott says my transporter won't be fixed in time (but he sometimes lies) and the news just showed the wheels coming off an airliner so I guess I'm staying home.
Sounds like it will be a blast, have fun guys.


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Our Ontario April 6th meetup has a new location. Unfortunately Modern Tool has changed their mind about how we would be allowed to use their facilities. They now only want us in their building to watch them demonstrate machines. All other meetup activities would be in their parking lot. We were forced to find a new location for the meetup. Although the location has changed, the date, time, and general format will proceed as planned.

Our meetup will now be at Lighting Nelson & Garrett Inc. They are located in Etobicoke (western Toronto) at 106 Birmingham St.

Stuart Samuel, a Forum Premium Member and an employee of Lighting Nelson & Garrett, asked one of the owners if they would host our meetup and he graciously and without hesitation agreed. On behalf of CHMW, thank you very much to both Stuart and Lighting Nelson & Garrett for helping us out on such short notice.

I toured their facility yesterday, it was very interesting and I saw lots of unexpected and unique things including unusual uses of metal working equipment. Our meetup on April 6 will start with a tour of their 14,000 sq ft manufacturing shop. As part of the tour, one of the owners of Lighting Nelson & Garrett, Chris Nelson, will demonstrate metal lathe spinning (also called spin forming).

Their shop has a wide variety of projects underway at any one time. Here’s a few pictures of some of the interesting things I saw while at their factory / shop.
Pictures above and below are LED lights they designed and are manufacturing for a large Toronto church. Aluminum fabrication and then to their paint booth.
Below are church post lanterns rebuilt for a Toronto condominium:
Below is a large metal band saw and a 115rpm cold cut saw
An unusual angled bench vise
45 ton press and a 10ft shear
One of their several manual lathes and a heating oven to form glass:
Presently they are working on restoration and or repairing light fixtures from our Ottawa Parliament buildings.
Next pictures are of the the cast aluminum, wrought iron and bronze light that is suspended in the Peace Tower, Centre Block, Circa 1930
the main frame:
One of many grill pieces that will be repaired and attached to the main frame
the piece I’m touching, above, is being reproduced and is in the milling vise in the next two pics:

I will be getting out more information about the meetup but for now I wanted everyone to know about the sudden changed location. Also I plan to PM members that I have on my list of attendees or possibly attendees. If you now will attend or now cannot attend please RSVP with a PM.

I am now even more enthusiastic about the meetup. I think it will be a great event.

I most certainly appreciate the help from Stuart and Lighting Nelson & Garrett Inc. Thanks you. :)



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Please - Let me know in a Private Message (PM) if you plan to attend the meetup at the new location.
I will be sending more information, other meetup details, and important parking instructions to all attendees.


Dan Dubeau

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PM sent. I should still be able to make it. This new location sounds like a much more interesting location, for me anyway. I've enjoyed Stuart's posts and find that type of work pretty interesting, so I'm looking forward to the tour.

Thanks for all the work in organizing this. I can only imagine how stressfull it's been with all the back and forth, and now the change of venue. I appreciate it.


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Just a quick note about the meetup.
At the meetup location there is lots of free parking- even if you have a tall trailer in tow. I’ll be sending all attendees a map to make sure we all park together at the correct parking lot. It’s 300 feet from the front door.
Also - we’ll be providing lunch from a near by 5 star gourmet specialty pizza shop. Vegetarian will be an option.


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Yesterday I sent out the mtg agenda, parking map (and other info via PM) to all attendees. If you didn't get it or were not on my list - please let me know right here or send me a PM.
We are expecting over 20 attendees and there is lots of room for any members that make a last minute decision to join in.