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Ontario meetup, April 6


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Meetup announcement for Southern Ontario (GTHA and The Golden Horseshoe) on Saturday April 6, 2024 at 10AM.


Post in thread 'Ontario meetup, April 6' https://canadianhobbymetalworkers.com/threads/ontario-meetup-april-6.10014/post-148210

Old original info follows:

Modern Tool Ltd. has kindly agreed to host the meetup at their Newmarket location. Modern Tool is a major supplier of metal working machines and has facilities across Canada.

The meetup will start with a short tour of their repair shop, warehouse, and machine demo areas. Their service technician will then give a machine demonstration. Modern Tool puts their machines under power to check them over before being sold. The technician we will meet is Sie Tucker. His responsibilities includes machine modifications for ESA inspection and CSA certification. He is very knowledgeable, experienced and interesting.

Forum members are encouraged to bring along one of their recent projects to show to fellow members. The meet and greet will continue during lunch.

Please respond and / or comment:
- what do you think about this meetup;
- will you be able to attend;
- are you willing to give a short presentation;
- should a swap meet be included; and
- are you able to contribute a door prize (new or used)

Also I would appreciate a RSVP to CWret via PM with your email address if you plan to attend.
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Since I may be the only hobby machinist in Newmarket and this meetup is 5 minutes from my house, I should be able to attend. First I have heard of Modern Tool. A swap would be cool. I can't promise to be there as ice-out fishing may take precedence but otherwise count on me being there. I might bring a project.


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I'm interested but I want to check something else. That is the day before the Tools of the Trades show [1] (Pickering). In the past, the Tool Group of Canada has had a meeting on that day (the Saturday). I think the Tool Group died during the pandemic but I'm not sure. If it is active, I would want to support it. I have sent off any inquiry to folks that should know.

I'll let you know.

[1] https://ontarioantiquetools.com

Dan Dubeau

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I was going to post up about that show being the next day, and seeing if guys wanted to meet for a coffee or something that day too. A less formal meeting of sorts, to put some names to faces and such. As of now, my schedule is clear for both, but that's never a guarantee.....


I might also go to the TOTTS as I attended the last two.

Geek out suggestion: name tags for us that attend the Meetup with first name and forum name on it. Just the sticky type will do. If there are only a few then maybe not otherwise it will help (me) a great deal. Also, what city you are from.
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I was going to the Tools of the trade show as well, which means there is far less chance I'll be free on Saturday.

If other regions have their meet ups the same day I'd suggest having a computer, web connection, and large monitor may prove very helpful for presentations, and could facilitate having off site presenters, or wider conversations with other meet up groups.

I had thought that it may be cool to have a youtuber or two do a live stream special presentation to our members during meet up weekend, but that requires coordinating meet up weekends across the nation. Imagine having Stefan Gotteswinter or someone similar do a live stream, it could lead to many new Canadian members here.

Addendum: I hope that whatever you do ya'll have a great meet up


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At this time, I am interested in attending, assuming weather and life co-operate. In August 2022, a Thursday, another member and I stopped in to Modern Tools-Newmarket, around 1 p.m. and they were, somewhat surprisingly, closed. So it is still on our to-do list. So I will also contact him and see if he is interested, in case he has missed this thread.


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It will be an interesting day.
Additional details TBA.
Hopefully you both will be able to attend.


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@boilerhouse - Modern’s place of business is nothing like Busy Bee or KBC. They have a nice foyer, reception area, & meeting room at the front but no equipment, machines, or supplies on display. In the back is a large warehouse and shop. They mostly deal with commercial customers. They usually go to the customer. The customers do come to there location occasionally. They set-up and demonstrate machines to customers and/or give them training on a new machine before it is delivered. This business plan is what makes a meetup at their location interesting/different.
When I purchased my mill from them (MD45 mill/drill) - I luckily was there when the ESA inspector was on site doing CSA certifications on several machines, including my mill. Later, after my mill had been certified, Sie demonstrated all the mills functions. It’s a simple mill, but since it was the first time I had touched a mill start button- the demo was much appreciated.