Old Busy bee bandsaw

I’ve been on the hunt for a bandsaw for a while. All that was within my budget was used 5x6 but I couldn’t get myself to buy one because it wasn’t what I wanted.

Until today, born in 1987 and well (ab)used, at 200$ including an extra brand new Lennox blade, I couldn’t pass.

It appears to work well but I’m sure I’ll end up investing way too much time into it.


Your gonna like it big time I bet. I was given a 4x6 metal bandsaw by a shop foreman that characterized it as a "wore out piece of junk" that you can have for hauling it away...and he helped me load it too.
That was at least 25 yrs ago and I have never done a thing to that saw except change blades...and it has cut thousands of inches of iron, wood, plastic & aluminum.
P.A. is where I buy all my blades and think that the bit extra for bi-metal blades is money well spent...1/3 the cost over the plain HSS but 3 times the lifespan.