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Other Oil fitting question


A friend is refurbishing a 1950 vintage shaper made in Czechoslovakia that has oil fittings like the one in the photo. The slightly knurled cap has a screwdriver slot and rotates to allow adding oil and then closes to protect from swarf. Any idea what these are called or a source for more (he is missing two)? Otherwise, I've been volunteered to make some for him...


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I haven't seen that style before. "Gits" oilers are pretty much the standard in North America. Perhaps your friend could use something like the following?

They are available with metric threads, as well. McMaster Carr in the US carries them...if you can convince them to make the sale.



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Nice find on those. I've got several old machines with them, NA and British, and they do seem a lot nicer than the spring cups, although the one shown in the amazon photo looks down right crude. Maybe its just because is a small part magnified so much. I think the brass would look better than the rough chrome though. However for $30 US each, time to set up a turret machine! :D

Some call them "Winkley pattern" and there are other cheaper sources...but looks like old British threads so might not help.

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I knew the fellow who's grandfather invented the common grease nipple ( he was German and it is called a "Zirk" over there)....he dont need that 70 mil Max ticket...family is still billionaires from that little spring loaded ball.