Newbie alert - I want to buy a printer and have many questions

Brian H

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@Brian H what are the gears you need?

I had a list of gears I needed but have since misplaced it. I do recall 72T, 80T (I only have one and several combinations need two), 33T and 54T. There were others so I'll have to start over going through my chart and comparing to what I have. I know when I made the list I couldn't find what I needed on any of the websites. There were sets available either were the incorrect thickness or had the wrong shaft/keyway sizes.
I had some problems when I tried threading last fall and after spending a lot of time messing about, I realized I had a 40 tooth gear on my spindle instead of the 56 tooth the manual said was on there. Once I realized this, I had to search about to locate all the new combinations to achieve the proper ratios.

Sorry Johnwa, this was a bit of a ramble.