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Ultra Member
I've had my air beveler for 2 yrs, love it. Gives a professional finish to the Aluminium work I do.

I also have to o-ring kit but have yet to use it, primarily for speed pull repair.


Super User
I really like the look of those allen wrenches. They appear to be longer than the set I have. What is the overall length? Were they an on line purchase?
Both the metric and imperial are the same length
3/8 OL is 9" shank is 8", 1/8" OL 7" shank is 6"
I bought from Amazon.ca.
I went with Wiha as they had the best review

Dan Dubeau

Ultra Member
Let us know how that beveling tool works out. I use a trim router with a chamfer bit at work/home for aluminum, but have been interested in trying one of those out too. A lot of mixed reviews on them has me hesitant to light $100 on fire to find out.

Dan Dubeau

Ultra Member
I'll post a review when I get it and get a chance to play with it. I'm not expecting much from steel, but even for aluminum it would be nice to have another tool at my disposal. The form factor of these things looks perfect for what they're intended for, I just hope the import clone factories didn't screw up the execution too much that it's essentially useless as a functioning tool.