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New Tool found on eBay


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I was trolling eBay and happened on this gem, It's a Kalamazoo Industries No,2915 Drill Grinding attachment. I've seen cheap ones before but not this one. American made, nice castings. Seller claimed it was mill Surplus. Very dirty but a quality bit of kit. I will get it restored and running. Will see better then IMG_20190221_133622[1].jpg


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Can you dress end mills with that thing?
I know of a carbide sharpening shop, i dont know his limits never been inside but its an old shop in bowness that is a labour of love for the gentleman who owns it. You may not find a website either but according to the article in the community newspaper its open still
Atlas made the exact same attachment. It is for sharpening drill bits and it attaches primarily to a grinder. I got one from ebay as well and the shipping to Canada was a fortune. Funny how you can ship 60 lbs from coast to coast in the US for $12 but ship from Ohio or Michigan to Toronto (1/3 the distance) and the same package would be like $100 or more.

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