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Shop New shop door needed


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Well this morning one of the two springs on my 12'x10' shop door let go. Now it requires two people to open it. This door is 40 years old and heavy as hell. Called local HH to price out a new one, this will be an expense i hadn't planned on. Back before xmas i talked to a local contractor about a remote opener for this door and he said no go. This style of door with the springs over head on the ceiling isn't used anymore. I can't find the book for the door so no idea of make or model either.
If you are sure that the spring is only loose, please find two suitable iron bars inserted into the red ring hole of the University of Science and Technology, turn in turn, so that the spring has a pre-tightening force again, loosen the screw before adding force, and lock the screw after adding force. You should also check to see if the wire cables on either side of the door have come off.

My 5 garage doors have the same structure as it, I removed all of them and replaced them with rolling doors, because you can get more top space, and more beautiful! 20230215_101531.jpg

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If you are sure that the spring is only loose,
One spring is broken. Local contractor is really slow at giving me a price on new door and installation, the company that makes new doors says they need 13-14 inches of room above the door, we have 9 inches. Looking at fixing my old door, or getting a local guy to fix it. I have no desire or strength to screw around on step ladders doing the work myself.
Things are at a stand still right now as we ae up to our hips in baby calves in this current cold snap. o_O 4 today so far, looks like the corks blew out and the girls getting busy.