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Modern Tool Meetup


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We will be meeting at modern tool January 12 2019 starting at 10 am. This will be an opportunity for you to wander there 30 000 square foot showroom and view there manual machines under power. Daljit form modern tool will be on hand to answer questions. They have a stock of new 14x40" lathes that we will be testing as seen in the links below. Also on site they have new mill drills and knee mills which will be under power and set up for demos.

One of the door prized provided by modern tool is a new Mitutoyo HD12-Ax height gauge

The second door prize is an R8 collet holder with fifteen type 25 collets
If you have further questions you can contact Daljit directly at 403 850-1365 the address is 11488 70 St SE, Calgary, AB the event goes from 10am untill noon on sat, january 12 2019


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I'm sure that's a typo. You mean he will be demo-ing the Mitutoyo height gauge & door prizing the GH 14x40 lathe. LOL


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I'll be there.

-I'm good with the CNC demos.

But I'd really like to see both 14X40 lathes under power, with some tooling... Perhaps even a demo, either by Modern or an opportunity to try out both of them personally.


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Oh I'll be there for sure, door prizes are just an extra bonus.
Same here, the opportunity to see both 14x40's beside one another would be interesting & useful, particularly if they were powered. I've seen the GH-1440-ZX on the floor before, but it wasn't plugged in & by next visit it was sold. The 935 mill I now 'happen to be familiar with' wink-wink'. More on that subject later. It was at last years meetup that I first got exposed to it.

On the general events forum, I don't anticipate CNC being part of my repertoire anytime soon personally, but always interested to see & learn. On the non-machines front, I am interested in welders, specifically TIG as its on the one-day list. I have a SAIT intro course under my belt & that's it. Not sure if a similar vendor demo could be arranged such as Modern has graciously organized, but just throwing it out there. If its more limited in interest, there is always the ask-a-buddy method. Maybe a seperate discussion outside this particular event. Thanks to the organizers in advance!

John Conroy

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If anbody else from the Edmonton area is going you are welcome to ride with me. I'll be leaving St. Albert at about 6 AM.

I'm also most interested in the new 1440 lathes and also manual mills in the 949 to 1050 size range.


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We’re only demoing on manual machines this year. No CNC. Saw, mill, lathe we hope. Should be quite relevant and interesting.


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John, I'd like to see a 14x40 like mine under power to see if they have the high gear issue like mine. I'll bring my laser tach and a piece of tape in anticipation

Any manual machine is up my alley

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