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mini mill motor upgrade?

I have a Princess Auto mini mill that has a 350w DC motor and would like to upgrade it to a 500w(possibly even brushless). Has anyone done this? My google skills obviously suck cause I can't seem to make heads or tails of a compatible (read swap out easily) motor replacement. I feel a bit intimidated to just buy something and hope I can make it work.
I have upgraded to a gas shock on the Z axis and installed a reverse switch so far. I watched the Frank Hoose (mini-lathe.com) videos on adjusting gibs etc. and have it working very smoothly. However, when I try and drill a hole bigger than 1/4" in anything the cutout/safety switch cuts the motor out. I assume this is to protect the delicate plastic gears inside.
I haven't had any issues with milling or fly-cutting tho
Any suggestions?


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Im looking at a treadmill motor and matching speed controller, and adding a digital speed display, but ill be using the belt drive i have already upgraded to, which is somewhat better than gears but still i struggle with drilling over 1/2” in steel. The tread mill stuff is in around 1-2hp and still 110v
There are a couple you tube videos on doing that, it seemed to be a little more involved than I'm prepared to go right now, and, I'm a bit OCD with fit and finish of the final product.
Having that kind of power is intriguing, however, till my lathe gets here and I could make pulleys, etc I don't think the plastic gears would hold up.
I'd like to see pictures when your done tho