Messing about in Fusion360 CAM


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nothing really special just messing about with fusion 360 CAM, actually running the programs that I create is a nice thing, esp when I get to see how the machine behaves under load vs how it behaves in software. The CNC mill is a PCB mill that i designed in Fusion lol and now its come back full circle

the project that I am testing this all on is my "touchie-matronic" a coordinate measuring machine (should be 5 degrees of freedom) that I am working on to possibly submit as my final project for my mechanical degree (if I don't use the mill as that project)

this is joint A the joint that will hold one of the 5 encoders for the machine, it is the one that i picked for testing on the mill
joint A 3d printed in CPE filament, co-polyester its a very good prototyping filament but cannot be exposed to heat or the sun, it prints with a nice surface finish as well
MDF that a friend of mine gave me, it machines on the mill very nicely, but exposed some weaknesses of the mill itself, since it was designed primarily to work with PCB material it was not designed to be particularly rigid but the need for machining harder materials has arises so I will be redesigning some of the elements to take the increased forces


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Interesting grey MDF. Do look at this for information about robot arms. All open source. Might give you some ideas.
I finally got the chance to really check this out, i must say it is quite impressive lol, ill continue to prototype the version that i am making but will probably build this one when i get the chance, esp. if the software can do what I need it to do

for mine I was going to get a friend of mine help me with the API to interface with both fusion and freeCAD to send coordinate date directly to those softwares