cnc mill

  1. Cryoine

    Messing about in Fusion360 CAM

    nothing really special just messing about with fusion 360 CAM, actually running the programs that I create is a nice thing, esp when I get to see how the machine behaves under load vs how it behaves in software. The CNC mill is a PCB mill that i designed in Fusion lol and now its come back full...
  2. Manfred

    DIY Mill Advice Sought

    As some of you may know, I'm (trying) to build my own lathe. Size is approximately the same as the LMS 6500 or the M1111 (roughly an SX2.7) I have the motors and most of the electronics as well as the LMS column and the M1111 table. will send photos and specs as a follow-up. What I am...