Making Anvils


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At the forum meet up we were talking about the difficulty of finding an anvil here in Alberta. This video shows a guy making one from scrap square stock (big stuff) and welding it all together. It's pretty cool stuff. I was thinking I have a fair bit of 4130 - I wonder if it could be welded together and then heat treated for hardness? I have an anvil but two anvils is better than one... ;)


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When welding chunks like that, wouldn't there be a tiny air gap between layers? Does that matter?


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That is a really big project considering the primitive tools he has to use. Fun to watch the fast motion hammering.


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I'd like to visit his scrap yard where he has access to steel like that

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I have just found out through a wood supplier that he has a shipment coming to Calgary in the near future of some anvils he found while buying other metal working equipment out east. I'll post when I hear its here in Calgary. He does have several old lathes in his shop in Crossfield now if anyone wants I can pass on info on contacting him.