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Looking for some cast iron / phosphor bronze / manganese bronze


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Howdy fellas,

Curious if anyone has any cast iron bar or tube, phosphor bronze bar or tube and or manganese bronze bar or tube.

Final OD needs to be 7/16 and ID can be no bigger then .360 - Length is 3.5 inches long x 2 pcs
I will take any shape size or color ( I will turn to suit my dimensions ), Wanted to see if there is anything Edmonton local?



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You could try hitting up pick a part or engine shop and grab a camshaft out of a car I think most camshafts the lobes are just induction hardened rest should be fairly workable I would bring a file and check the non ground parts see if it bites. A engine shop probly just let you pull one off a scraped head for free. You'll just have to zip cut off the hard bits but for 3.5" part probly wouldn't take too long to do.


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Crankshafts can be a good source of iron also. May not want one that came from engine that threw a rod/ dropped a piston. Some have very large counter weights nearly finnish machined. Keep in mind some are also forged steel units. Can usually tell by seam on crankshaft.


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Keep in mind many if not most camshafts are hollow, something to keep an eye on when your scavenging


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Some of the 1980s Ford small blocks cranks were hollow in spots too. Not sure what things look like now as I haven't done auto crank grinding since 1985? Air compressor cranks since 1992? Anyway engine parts can be a good source of materials.