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Line shaft lathes and shaper intact. Old vintage


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my family purchased a very old machine shop in moose jaw sask it has 3 lathes and a shaper the line shafts are on the ceiling with all belts attached they are all for sale. The lathes are wallcott, ar Williams, and a von wyke. Shaper id have to check. Email or call Drew drewcampbell1981@gmail.com 306 6815114 for pictures


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Thanks Craig ill look for that manufacturer. And I'll try and get ahold of buddy in Quebec. Cheers
You might want to post this on the Canadian Woodworking site, as well:


There is at least one guy there (albeit in Quebec) that has been building out a lineshaft-powered shop for the last several years.

Info on Walcott and Von Wyck:


AR Williams was a Canadian machinery dealer; not a manufacturer.

Good luck,