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Lathe Screw Cutting Clutch


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Very nice setup indeed! Thanks for posting the link @PeterT .

The Colchester has most of the components required for a dog clutch already built into the head stock, I noticed after studying how theirs works. Hmm, tempting to just modify it...
The way the power feed works right now is the spindle needs to be stopped to slide the feed gear (part # 71426) from FWD to the REV position.
If I made two new 43T gears which were in constant mesh with one, the spindle and two, the inter-reverse shaft gear, then the dog clutch could slide between the two of them and engage / disengage the reverse shaft without having to stop the spindle.... The new gears would be free turning on the reverse shaft and only the clutch would be splined to that shaft.
A shaft with settable stops along the bed, activated by the carriage, and a linkage back to the feed engage lever would complete the mod....


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Well I"l be darned ! That's awesome. And something is finally done on equipment similar to mine! However I have a factory carriage reverse lever in the position hes got his gizmo in so I doubt I can do with mine without the loss of that. Very nice to see tho, thanks for the link Peter. I had seen several of that fellows other mods before but never that one!

Tom O

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Just in case anyone is interested this project was in “ The Home Shop Machinist “
Jan-Feb part one and Mar-April part 2 in 2015 by Jim Schroeder
It’s about 20 pages long. 05705547-AB00-4DB0-B7DB-B12D4728A09A.jpeg

Tom O

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Well I have it in pdf format in my email account, I had to load it one page at a time or it screwed up the order but it worked, send me your email hopefully they will be in order!