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Jar brush


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I wanted some brushes attached to lids for various oils and chemicals. Like rubber cement and the brush - remember those? Lol Couldn’t find anything. So I made these from recycled gelato jars. Drill the hole a bit small and it keeps the brush in place. Unscrew the lid and use the brush still attached.



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that is brilliant!

If you like spill-proof jars in a more commercial way, use spill-proof paint jars available at Castle Toys, about 11$ for six, I think


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What the heck is dark oil? I use ATF as; spindle oil, hydraulic oil, way oil, basically i only have cutting oil and ATF. But i know zero about oil. I also use rotella t6 in both my truck and my motorcycle. Probably not ideal but...


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Jim Dedmon makes spill proof cups out of slightly modded children's paint cups, similar to the Melissa and Doug ones that ducdon mentioned above.

Jim's a pretty cool guy, he sent me a couple and for a klutz like me they're the bees knees.


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The can on my lathes included cutting oil pump was the only thing that was good about it image.jpg i had a glass jar prior with a piece of steel in the bottom to keep it in place with a magnet but it was shattered so since the magnet was still good i evolved my setup image.jpg now it is solid and it will not shatter but it has no lid. Somehow, i will survive i am sure.