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Ironworker Dialled In


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Took me longer than expected as I got distracted with something else, but here are some pics of my Edwards Ironworker, punches (that finally all arrived) and some samples including 2" 3/16" angle. What a great timesaver for production work.

The machine will do 1" round hole in 5/16" A36. In addition to the punches I bought the multishear (installed in pic) and the brake. It will bend 1/4" with ease, and has a custom die that's milled to account for the bending radius of popular plate thickness (unlike my old press brake). So nice....

After the PITA installing it, I decided to build my own gantry crane next year @Dabbler is helping me design it. :)

p4.JPG p3.JPG p2.JPG p1.JPG