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  1. CalgaryPT

    Steampunked My Ironworker

    Ironworkers produce thousands of these little slugs and they find their way everywhere. I had a bunch of ABS laying around, so cut out a viewing window, added a 150 lbs. magnet from PA on the bottom to hold it in place as the machine vibrates, and now those little slugs all fall into a safe...
  2. CalgaryPT

    Ironworker Dialled In

    Took me longer than expected as I got distracted with something else, but here are some pics of my Edwards Ironworker, punches (that finally all arrived) and some samples including 2" 3/16" angle. What a great timesaver for production work. The machine will do 1" round hole in 5/16" A36. In...
  3. CalgaryPT

    Any Experience with Edwards Ironworkers??

    I'm doing what I call a "retirement purge." I'm getting rid of a few machines I use rarely in hope that I can fit the smallest possible ironworker in my residential garage in the next 6 months. I've used a Scotchman years ago but they are overkill and too pricey. I think the smallest they make...