Hardness tester

Tom Kitta

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I have this box with a hardness tester. It comes with one ball, two used bars with few spots left and a bit dirty tube to observe the results. The idea is to strike a ball on know hardness surface and observe indentation size. Then strike on unknown surface and observe size difference. Determine hardness from the difference observed. Not sure how much this is worth but I recon not much, let me know how much you think it is.

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Best guess.. an early Brinell type tester. Does the tube still have the lens, comparative scale. the top pc. look like the striker? the ball would be struck by a uniform blow on the test pc. & compared on the scale using the optic tube Just guessing Tom
Thanks for the peek ETSY.com lots of old tooling
I don't know why I keep looking at this post... something about it tells me I need this but I just cant figure out why I need it or what I would do with it lol. But any way do you have any more pics of it?