GS21-11P0 - DURApulse General Purpose VFD - 120V single phase - 1HP - New in Box


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I purchased this last December with the intent of adding VFD capabilities for my lathe, but now I have a mill and a welder that run on single phase 220V, so I am going to buy a 220V VFD instead. The only annoying thing about this VFD is if you want to get a full 1 HP out of it, you need to run it on a 20 amp circuit. Otherwise you should be able run a 3/4 HP motor off of it on your regular 15 amp circuit (Obligatory I am not an electrician and you should assume I have no idea what I am talking about). I paid about $240 CAD for it, so I'd be happy to let it go for $150 OBO. Local pick up would be preferred, but willing to ship on buyers dime.

More information and the manual + tech specs can be found here:


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