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  1. Xyphota

    GS21-11P0 - DURApulse General Purpose VFD - 120V single phase - 1HP - New in Box

    I purchased this last December with the intent of adding VFD capabilities for my lathe, but now I have a mill and a welder that run on single phase 220V, so I am going to buy a 220V VFD instead. The only annoying thing about this VFD is if you want to get a full 1 HP out of it, you need to run...
  2. Trent ks

    Southbend 14.5" VFD 3ph to 3ph?

    Hi there! Sorry if this is a rinsed question. I recently acquired a sb 14.5" x 7 and was thinking about getting a VFD. However since I have 3PH in my warehouse already I have been curious about these 3ph to 3ph VFD's available. I haven't been able to find any posts from others who use them...
  3. Nesh559

    southbend countershaft question

    first of all i'll say this might be a dumb question but im gonna ask it any ways. can i remove the countershaft from my lathe and run it with a larger motor and a vfd? i understand the counter shaft provides the torque advantage needed to remove metal but if i acount for that while choosing a...