Free metal !

I have been metalworking as a hobby for 30+ years and have accumulated a lot of material. Now we are moving to Vancouver Island and it's time to clean out the shop.

I have a some larger pieces of material I would like to sell (to fund restocking the new shop) - a few samples listed below.
5' x 1-1/4 diam stainless rod $10
26" x 3-1/2" ID (4" OD) hydraulic tube (honed ID) $5 (4 available)
6" long 3-1/2" cored bronze (1-1/4" core) $30
4" long 3-1/2" cored bronze (3/4" core) $20
Various 2' - 5' lengths of steel bar for a couple of bucks a piece

I also have about 1000 lbs of offcuts, bar ends, etc. These are mostly small 6 " - 18" long and from 1/4" to 4" section, square, rectangle, round, hex, tube, angle Mostly mild steel, but some stainless, cast iron, aluminum. All handy sizes for model making, robotics, etc. Also some bits of brass and bronze, springs, pulleys, gears and fixtures - everything free for the taking. Come and pick up a box or two. I would like to get this out of the way by end of April otherwise it goes to recycling.

Also have some tools listed elsewhere on this site.

We are located about 10 minutes north of Cochrane. Email me for address and timing a.bays (at) or phone/text 403-615-0370