1. Xyphota

    Tool Quality of HSS Blanks - Are they all created equal?

    Is there a big difference in quality of HSS from various sources, or is it all pretty much the same? I would like to purchase some 1/2" x 1/2" HSS for a fly-cutter I am going to make and am open to suggestion on sourcing.
  2. A

    Free metal !

    I have been metalworking as a hobby for 30+ years and have accumulated a lot of material. Now we are moving to Vancouver Island and it's time to clean out the shop. I have a some larger pieces of material I would like to sell (to fund restocking the new shop) - a few samples listed below. 5' x...
  3. A

    3 1/2" Heavy steel tubing

    Clearing out the shop: 4 pieces of 3 1/2" ID, 1/4" wall hydraulic tubing about 26" long. This is new, unused and corrosion free. ID is honed for use as hydraulic cylinder stock. $15 each or 4 for $50. Located 5 mins north of Cochrane. Call or text Alan at 403-615-0370