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Going through the storage truck lately, seems some of the wooden keepsakes are in need of some help. Linseed oil to clean/moisturize to start?

There’s 5-6 pieces that have some mouse dirt, water damage or just moldy. Probably each one will be different if it’s under or over a varathane/urethane coating?

Any resources/links/advice is welcome
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Chicken lights

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Hey @Chicken lights : hit them with a spray of bleach and water (mild mix) to kill any mold/bacteria, light sand after wiping things.

If you want to re-coat things, come up and we can spray them to a new look.

I am planning a trip to NB first couple weeks of April. If you have the time we can set up a time and I will spray/ refresh anything you want ;)
Arrrggh!!! Sounds like the proper course with bleach/water

I’ll try to clean things up, maybe later in April I’ll head to your place with them. Need to get proper sized bins to store them better, first, anyway


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What’s the difference between the two?

Tung oil is obtained by squeezing the nuts of the tung tree (sounds painful) and hardens on exposure to air. It is a better stronger finish than linseed oil. But boiled linseed oil is better than regular linseed oil.

You could also use something like tru-oil but it's expensive and requires many coats.

If the wood has gotten soft or punky, you might need to harden it after killing the mold and drying it.