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Existing Feature Events Calendar

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Joshua West
This looks like it would work, but we would need to designate a "caretaker of the events calendar":


Joshua West
Not 100% clear to me at this time.

It appears that the calendar plugin I linked above works by creating a special thread type. The owner of a thread also controls the calendar, it's events, and appears to be responsible for the upkeep of the calendar (addition, removal, and editing of individual calendar events.)


Premium Member
That sounds like a lot more work than what I was thinking of, I was hoping for a calendar that any member can access to input an event. Shared access so members could sign up for the event on the calendar would be a bonus.
At the top of the Ubuntu (Linux) display is a date/time, if you click on the date a calendar for the month comes up and from there you can go to any month/date and input an event. Would adding something like this to the home page be possible?