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Easy End Mill Sharpening Jig Project


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Does it do a near factory job ? Looks good

Not even close. It only sharpens the primary/secondary angled portions of the end face, does nothing to the flutes. But I will say having it quadrupled the life I get out of my end mills. It will handle 1/4"-1" endmills and two flute are the easiest to sharpen. Four flute are a little picky to do.
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You can also use your mill to sharpen them, with better results as it is more controllable, using similar fixtures. Basically you are converting you mill into a precision grinder. No I have not personally tried it.

Fixtures for surface grinders (if you gave the grinder)

Denkle Clone (I have a Shars one as it uses 5c collets), still learning. Does Flutes and leading edge, center cut, can but still figuring that out.

True purpose built grinders.

Journeyman Grinder.

Final true dedicated CNC grinder regrinders if you have the budget (ie win the lotto).

Important thing to remember HSS regular grinding wheels, Carbide, diamond wheels a must.


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Thanks for the information. I am wondering about touching up the flutes on side of the end mill. If that makes sense.