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Email notifications not working


Process Machinery Designer
E-mail notifications have not been received for weeks.

I still get the conversation notices, when I am ‘Logged In’.
I get too many E-mails as it is . . . So I am good with the ‘notices’.


Scrap maker
Premium Member
Looks like emails have gone wonky again.
Just got one for a post that was made yesterday evening.


Premium Member
Weird.... I don't see that option????? I see auto-renewing $5/mo. Is that what you chose?

View attachment 31177

Neither do I see it Craig, something is really amiss with the yearly one time $60 payment. Currently I'm using the annual fee of $60 bucks at a fiver
every month and I hate that option.

@Susquatch FYI, perhaps you can initiate a change on said page???


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For me that sounds like a dumb way to drive the bus.

I don't disagree. But a membership test is a thousand times easier to do than writing an algorithm to compare variables and then calculate membership extensions.

We use canned software from XenForo. Myself personally, I'd rather see the choice and pay regardless of whether I already paid. So what if I lose a few weeks. My current method is just to watch for my status to change and pay then. I'll bring it up during the next admin meeting to see if it can be changed or if there is another way to do it. Perhaps something as easy as a better description.


Process Machinery Designer
I had always forgot my renewal date, until I started to put record of it in ‘my’ account details.
Now there is a record of when and the $’s I paid.
It is an easy way for everybody to record their fees.