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Edmonton- Small lathe/milling work; Advice, insight, recommendation?


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Nice job John. I was going to forewarn about using mics & calipers around strong magnets (ask me how I know). I didnt even think about it, just grabbed the instrument out of habit. But it caused me some head scratching grief for following weeks until I figured out why. The jaws had become mildly magnetized & kept picking up micro swarf on the anvil surface & thus screwing up measurements. I have a cheapo demagnetizer for screwdrivers but it wasn't very effective. Maybe because of the orientation or the alloy, not sure. Fortunately the tools reverted back to become un-magnetic again, but for a while there I was eyeballing the possibility of one of those plug in electric de-maggers.

John Conroy

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Yeah I never thought of that until it was too late. Luckily I didn't use my best caliper. Hopefully it doesn't attract too much scarf and contaminate the rack and pinion.