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Drill chuck recommendation


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I purchased an Albrecht drill chuck with integral 1/2" shaft, 36 years ago for use on my milling machine. I've used it almost every day of that time. Even if I only drilled one hole per day, that's 13,000 holes, and it still looks brand new. To install a bit, hold the bit with your right hand, put it in the chuck snug it up with your left hand, lock the spindle, tighten, unlock, drill. To remove, just a quick twist of the wrist loosens it.

OK, you have my attention.

Hold the bit with your right hand, snug the chuck with your left, lock the spindle, tighten.

I don't have a lock. Just a brake. I can't easily hold the brake, the drill, and the chuck at the same time. Usually, I can hold the chuck and the bit with one hand at the same time but it's less than ideal.

I think my Spindle turns a lot easier than most do. There is no way I can tighten my chuck enough to hold the drill bit other than precariously and it often falls out in the process of reaching for the brake.

A spindle lock would be nice.

So, I'm not saying I hate keyless chucks or that they don't work for me. I'm just saying it isn't always so easy to do, and a keyed chuck does not have that problem at all because the brake isn't needed.

I'm with @Dabbler - I'd love to try an Albrecht too.