Delrin source?

Actually it would be great if you could give us a heads up when they have a large selection in stock. I might make the trip all the way from Hamilton if I knew they had it. Don't know of anything comparable in Hamilton. National Surplus in Hamilton apparently closed its doors last year.
I took a detour today to check out KW surplus and unfortunately must report they not only had no Delrin but had no other plastics. A small amount of plexiglass but nothing else.
Odd. They have always had lots that for many years.
Maybe the plastic shop they got it from went under.

they had blocks of wood in the rack they used to keep it in.


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I’ve used it for calibration cylinders in a gas/liquid measurement system, since it’s easy to machine, holds tight tolerances, similar dielectric properties to Teflon, and doesn’t absorb water. Currently making a prototype multi-bit screwdriver using Delrin for the bit holder/handle, much cleaner to machine than ABS or PVC, doesn‘t shatter when cold or when I drop it. Altogether really nice stuff to machine.


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I've purchased it at Industrial Plastics and Paints in Calgary in the past. I know they have locations in B.C. I used to buy from them in Vancouver.


Process Manager, Machinery Designer & Builder does have DELRIN.
Use their ‘search window’ to look for … Acetal .

(DELRIN is a product name that Dupont Plastics has trademark’d).