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DavidR8's shop shenanigans


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The water separator arrived this evening. Found an adapter for the 1/2" tube fitting in my stock. Think I'll look for brass versions. Then it's a matter of figuring how to mount it all.

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Quick visit today to examine the @DavidR8 installation of the air cooler. Very impressive how well it works. Can't wait to get mine installed.
After dropping my wife off late this afternoon at Audi to pick up her car I continued on to the Victoria Home Depot to pick up two more of the same fittings for the other side of the water separator.
Took forever to find one of them because the peg had two of the wrong parts in front of the right one.
Also the only flare nut they had was different from the one I bought at the Langford Home Depot.


The one on the right is the new one. Not sure what the point is. Is one better than the other? They both appear to have the 90 degree bevel.