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Sticky Cool, I scored us a KMS Tools Group account.

I wonder if a KBC discount could be had? Or Thomas skinner? Anybody have any contacts?
I just recently placed a large order at KBC and was going to reach out to the guy I was dealing with unless someone has a larger fish. The guy I'm dealing with is the one who handles all online orders for the company.


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You're headed down a similar path as @Alexander, @jmottle, and I talked through over our lunch the other day. We have a couple of initiatives in the works, and this idea is one of them.

I'm open if anyone has contact's we can reach out to in the mean time though!

I also reached out to my contact at KMS to get some clarity on some of the issues members have been having benefiting from the discount, and will report back once I get a reply.
Yeah, I've been getting feedback about this issue, and will have a new system in place for KMS before long!

FYI, I asked KMS for a bit more info on the club program rewards and discounts and got this very quick response:

"Now that you’re set up, you just have to give your name or number at the checkout, and your Club discount and Rewards earning happen automatically!

You’ll receive whichever price is better between the club price or the sale price. There are a few items that the club discount does not apply to, where pricing is fixed such as Festool, SawStop, and gas.

I hope that’s helpful!

Have a great day,"


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Does this actually reduce prices? They always ask if you’re a club member and the regular price is essentially the kms club price. Or is there an actual additional discount? I’ve registered for a corporate price using my company and that does help but only during M-F 8:30 -4pm at the industrial sales counter. I’m never there at those times so I typically end up paying retail. So do CHMF members pay less?
I've found that regular priced items are a bit less with kms club, but sale priced items are just the sale price. The till receipt doesn't show regular price vs. Club price, only shows one price. I questioned it last visit, but did confirm I got a discount on regular priced items.