Coffee shop meetup - April 7th, 2018


Joshua West
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Canadian Hobby Metal Workers MeetupHey Everyone,

You know the drill!

Time for another meetup!

Coffee Shop Meetup:
We'll be meeting at the Tim Hortons at: 444 58 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2H 0P4
Map Link:

Meeting time will be 10:30am, Saturday, April 7th,

As always, bonus points if you bring something you've been working on, or something cool to show the group!

Your RSVP is important as we're setting up a conference space with seating, etc.


I recognize some forum members are not in Calgary though! For everyone else, I invite you to reach out to @Jwest7788 and see how we can help organize a meetup in your respective cities if you're interested!



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Dangit! family issue came up I cannot wiggle out of. Lets consider another one a couple months from now?

On a semi-related front, I think some of you have heard of AMEN group in Edmonton. They meet on a Thursday evening of the month & judging by the newsletter some very interesting projects & individuals. I'd love to go to meet some of the guys & see what they are working on but kind of a bugger round trip for that alone. I haven't thought this through but maybe just to kick the idea out - what do you think of a 'part way' meet-up? Maybe we pick a Saturday in Red Deer or maybe we hook it to the Wetaskwin Reynolds museum metalworking weekend in fall? Not a high frequency thing, maybe once to see how it goes? Would there be a Calgary appetite? If so I could bounce if off them to gage interest on their side. If I'm the only model engineering geek, that's fine too. (hey, its familiar territory LOL). Just wondering out loud.


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Interested in attending tomorrow...always good to see/hear what others are up to.

Would also be interested in a pan-province meet in Ded Reer; I've always assumed the Edmonton folks have an easier time finding quality, used machinery and tooling but interested in their perspective and also see what projects they have/are working on.