CNC Milling Machine - Touchscreen, Belt drive, Power draw bar


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Converted RF45 CNC milling machine. Perfect for the home shop or garage. Runs on 4 wire 220v (dryer plug) but could be rewired to run on typical 3 prong 220v.

Machine has a 2HP Baldor motor, 6000 RPM, running from a VFD, dual gear belt drive, pneumatic draw bar, flood coolant (and mist coolant). Ballscrews on all axis. Similar abilities to a Tormach. Has Tormach TTS quick change tool system. Also has a welded and powder coated stand with coolant pan. Touchscreen control running a customized version of Mach3. Also comes with ShuttlePRO jog controller and 15 TTS tool holders. Located in Edmonton, asking $5000.



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That looks like a really clean build. A far cry from my original manual RF-45 late 90's version.
Do you have a build post on another forum and/or some videos of it running?
If not, hopefully the new owner will share one day.
I wish I had the smarts & energy for CNC but I dont.