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cnc machines

  1. R

    Looking for Entry level Steel capable CNC

    Hey everyone, im new here. Since covid began i started converting my garage into a metalworking workshop and taught myself welding. I am looking for a Steel capable CNC Mill. Something of the same caliber as a https://www.langmuirsystems.com/ Plasma CNC but as a Mill. My price range is about...
  2. mikemaat

    CNC Milling Machine - Touchscreen, Belt drive, Power draw bar

    Converted RF45 CNC milling machine. Perfect for the home shop or garage. Runs on 4 wire 220v (dryer plug) but could be rewired to run on typical 3 prong 220v. Machine has a 2HP Baldor motor, 6000 RPM, running from a VFD, dual gear belt drive, pneumatic draw bar, flood coolant (and mist...
  3. Richard Tymko

    My New Toy . . . Pocket NC V2-50

    Just had to share... Been without my Pocket NC for over three months. Sent it off for repair and an upgrade... Just out of the box yesterday. Now if only I knew how to work it!!! Pocket NC V2-50 (50000 RPM Spindle) Another question... What type of cutter is this?
  4. N

    CNC machine controllers

    On what formula CNC machine controllers interpret radius movement with X, Y coordinates?