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I have some surplus parts for CNC builds. All are new, unused and top quality.

Located in Abbotsford. Can ship Purolator or pickup.

Linear rails: 2 pieces 700mm long 12mm dia with six linear bearings ($80 pair)

Linear motion 35.jpeg
Ball screws: C3 Grade 8 pieces 600mm long 16mm dia. 8 Ballscrew nuts. 8 nut housings. ($100 per set)
Linear motion 34.jpeg Linear motion 32.jpeg Linear motion 33.jpeg
Linear slides: 2 pieces HG20 rail 20mm x 600mm. 4 pieces HG20 heavy duty linear bearings. Mounting hardware. ($100 pair)

Linear motion 30.jpeg Linear motion 31.jpeg



  • Linear motion 30.jpeg
    Linear motion 30.jpeg
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If only I had a project a cnc project on the go. Those look great and local for once. Will have to come check out what you have all made sometime. Cheers