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Calgary- Delrin bushings


Neil B

I'm looking to get some delrin bushings machined for 2 carburetor throttle spindles. I would need a total of 4 bushings.

Each bushing is:
  • made from 9/16" nominal diameter delrin rod
  • has a 9/32" center hole
  • approximately 0.835″ in length
  • has a 0.59" long section cut to an OD of of 0.380" - 0.0385"
Here is a quick CAD drawing I made:


If I am getting these made I might as well also have them pressed into the carb bodies and bored out/aligned.

I got the idea for this on a blog written by a gentleman from Maine. He outlines how he manufactures and installs the bushings in the link below.

It's quite a long post so I would suggest that once you are on his page, use ctrl + f to search for the following text "Delrin bushings that I use in Type HIF-6 carburetors". This will take you to the relevant section.

HIF-6 Rebuild

I have not taken this to a professional shop yet and I would ideally like it done this week or even this weekend. I can source the rod. I'm located in the SW but would be willing to travel to any part of the city.

Thank you in advance,


I decided to try printing said parts with my new 3D printer. Here in the photo you can see two with two more printing in the background. I think - think - they will be ok with gasoline due to the attached chart. The printing material is PETG. No guarantees though. I think they turned out as pretty good parts. I upped the density to 70% from the default 20%.


@Neil B PM me and we can see if you want these parts.


Photos. So does the forum think this would be ok in an engine?


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Well abs is very unstable in fuel. PLA resists gasoline for a little bit.You would need to print it out of nylon if you have any hope of it standing up to the gasoline. Looks good John, I like that you are always trying stuff,


This is not pla or abs. Its PETG so that might be better. Needs more research.


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John, looks like you got your printer printing diameters accurately. Did you end up changing anything ?

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Odd - external diameters are fine - the internal ones are still out. I'm not sure why your clone is better. ???