Borrow a engine hoist in Ontario?


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I'm nearly ready with my shop renovation to move my mill-drill into the basement. Could somebody in the west GTA loan me an engine hoist (aka shop crane) to help with disassembly and reassembly of the machine? I hope I'd only need it for a few days but everything always takes longer than I think! The machine is a total of about 700 pounds so none of the pieces should be a strain for even a small hoist.

I presume a folding hoist will fit in my compact SUV, right? I'm in Oakville and obviously I'm willing to pick up and return.

Maybe I should just buy one but I don't have room to store it. In the basement, I figure I need to assemble the mill _before_ I move in a work table and tool chest so I have some room to maneuver.


@trlvn I have a 2 ton engine crane. Can't vouch for it fitting in your SUV but I think I managed to get it home disassembled in my Honda Civic. It's sitting here unused at the moment.