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BB vs KBC drill bits


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I found myself buying set after set after set for years, until I stumbled across a booth at the Red Deer Agri-trade show (the vendor booth section is the reason I go -- I'm not looking at farm machinery). The vendor was Red Deer Bolt www.reddeerbolt.com, and the branch of drill bit is 'Champion', and comes in a round container (picture of a set here on Amazon amazon link )

I bought a jobber set 4 years ago, and a second 'mechanics' set 2 years ago. I had a couple of bits break in the second set, but overall they stay sharp, cut well and I haven't bought a drill bit since. I've only resharpened maybe 3 or 4 bits in that time.

I can't remember what I paid, but 100 - 120 seems about right.

For drilling larger than 1/2" I use a product called super-drill, which I also bought at the Agri-Trade show. Basically it is an arbor that you mount a piece of HSS and it cuts holes up to 3 1/2" inches (depending on which arbors you bought). Works very very well. Simply drill a pilot hole (1/2"), put the arbor in it, and then with very little pressure drill holes to whatever dimension you want link: superdrill link I believe the couple I bought from have the distribution rights to 'super drill' in alberta (they live on an acreage just outside of red deer). The tool is very simple and if you have a lathe, you can make one. Watch some of the videos, it's that easy. And what I like about it is that it cuts without binding so you don't have to worry about breaking your wrists etc.

Tom Kitta

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There must be a reason super drill didn't catch on other than rather over the top price. Even the Chinese didn't seem to want to copy it. Patent expired so making it & selling it is legal. I can see it as being too slow for the industry & way to imprecise but for making a quick hole it seems legit.

I am also a bit surprised they even got a patent - it seems to work on the same principle as a boring head. It actually looks like a two step boring bar.

Wait come to think of it I seen a video on youtube of a super old two step boring bar home made... I guess there is a reason they would not patent in the US. They don't have representation in the US nor EU, In Canada they have someone in SK only.

I guess now I know that I can simply put some of these boring bars in a drill press or a milling machine - also would be of great use in a MAG drill.

Tom Kitta

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Well if you have boring bar you already have one. For 1" holes the stick out from 1/2" boring bar is 1/4" max.

Same from 1" boring bar - stick out is 1/4" max for 1.5" hole.

Obviously you can use carbide as well. Something to experiment on the drill press with.

Tom Kitta

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