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Bandsaw out feed table.


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After Craig posted about his bandsaw I decided to work on my bandsaw too. I used to have a simple out feed shelf on my old bandsaw. Now that I sold that one and bought this other beast I needed to get around to making that project again. It's simple but incredible useful upgrade to your saw - makes it a lot easier to use. It also can let you clamp short material to the out feed table and cut it easily. John C. was over at my shop and he had a couple of useful suggestions which I incorporated in the construction.

Basically I just mounted a piece of 3x3x1/4" angle to the band saw.

Here is the saw. Somebody should clean that thing.

Drill and tap 1/4-20

Mount angle plate. The bottom bolts hold the angle to the saw. The upper bolt is threaded in the angle and serves to push the table away from the saw in order to deal with the angled casting. I don't know if it will buzz loose - if it does I will loctite it. Maybe a lock nut on the front side would work too. Funny the 3" angle fits almost exactly right against the lip on the casting. Almost on purpose by the manufacturer?

Here you can see I clamped a big piece of 2x2 into the saw and then clamped the angle table to the 2x2. This kept it in place while I drilled the pilot holes for the tapped bolts in the saw. It also made sure table is flat and square and not located too high.


Here it is all done.

This is how I use it. I can clamp the material to the table - maybe with a stronger clamp than this. This clamp is enough to keep the material from leaping away from the saw when the cut is finished, prevents dents, noise, parts on the floor, etc. The other clamp holds the ruler so I have an easy scale to measure against. The material when the blade breaks through can still move the ruler around so I plan to install locator dowels through the ruler and into the table. Another day...


Fun day today. I'm working on three projects at once!


What a simple solution.
With the blacksmith, I have spent way too much time in front of one of those bandsaws and that would be a great little improvement.