anyone have issues with using an iPad with the forum?


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I had been cruising around here for a bit before I was finally able to join. I had been trying to join with my iPad and it did not seem to want to line up with when I typed my name or password in. It would try to put the carrectors not quite in the box it was supposed to go into. I was able to get a user name but was never able to get in with that user name. In the end I had to use a different email address that goes to my home computer and a different log in name. I can log in with an iPhone and post or my home computer but still not on my iPad. Browsing on iPad is fine but can't look at any pictures by clicking on them. anyone else have similar issues?


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Hey thriller007, I use an iPad mini almost all the time and don’t have the problems you describe. I do seem to recall though that on my older iPad it could get a little weird sometimes so if you’re running an older and maybe not up to date system that may have something to do with it. I’m no expert though. By and large I find the forum software will probably run a little smoother and faster on a Windows system which I’m guessing is probably its native platform.