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Another example of "Just because its shiny doesn't mean..."


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Yah probably why I gave them free room & board for too many years. It depends on the degree of rejectiveness (is that a word?). If it was only edge or relief angle, they would make good resharpening candidates. But many had unequal or inconsistent flutes depths & edges.... basically a box of manufacturing bastards. There are lots of useful things you can make with a HSS blank, but fewer options for a drill with half the cross section removed on either side. And if they screwed up the grinding, who is to say they didn't screw up the heat treating. I even thought about cutting off the shanks to make graduated pins. High quality drills aren't terribly expensive under 1/4" diameter & worth resharpening. I have another offshore set I use for around the house drilling. Tip geometry is actually pretty good but most have noticeable runout. Those are the 'B' tools. Like when my wife needs a screwdriver to open a paint can, there's a 'special B' toolbox just for those jobs LOL.