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Most of my working career has been fixing SNAFU'S
There was an unofficial acronym book in the office and it was handed down to new employees they have so many its a daunting task to learn and be familiar with. Many meetings with what's a XXX or yyy simple when you know, an obstacle when you don't know or guessing the wrong thing.


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SNAFU, made me recall MFWIC... Mo-Fo What's In Charge! :)

Near 30 years in the Forces, I learned a LONG time ago, that trying to carry over 'known' acronyms from one section or branch, NEVER worked out while trying to translate anything written by someone in another field of expertise! At least the technical manuals actually has a glossary in the back that clarified and standardized WHAT each particular 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 letter acronym actually referred to!

Much like the engine room comment earlier on in this thread, inside of closed groups, one tends to forget that outside of those groups, the same acronyms can have entirely different, and often enough, baffling, meanings.


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Problem with acronyms is they don’t cross language boundaries well. Used to do a lot of business in Chile, sent out many product proposals littered with acronyms. Took a while before I learned the acronym used for one of our product manufacturers was the Spanish equivalent of the English FOAD acronym. Top of every quote I sent out had a great big bright logo screaming obscenities at potential clients.


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Edit - I can't even get my own acronym right, it's supposed to be "QYB" Quit Yer Bitchin
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Well since I don't see these I'll throw them in:
CAD: Computer Aided Design
CAM: Computer Aided Manufacturing:
CNC: Computerized Numerical Control
DNC: Direct Numerical Control
WiFi: euh, guess everyone knows this one
LAN: Local Area Network
WAN: Wide Area Network
SFM: Surface Feet per Minute
RPM: Revolutions per Minute
FPM: Feed per Minute
IPR: Inch per Revolution
IPT: Inch per tooth
CSS: Constant Surface Speed
TPI: Threads per Inch
FPT: Feed per Tooth

Now, if I start doing all the gear acronym's it might get long, Circular Pitch, Pitch Diameter etc ...


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I'll see your FUBAR (saw THAT WAY too many times!), and raise with FIGMO, the point where FUBAR stops bothering a fella and he goes all FIGMO!

F-It, Got My Orders!

Which normally you are moving from one FUBAR spot to a different kind of FUBAR spot... Change is nice! LOL!


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Speaking of Acronyms, I see by the banner warning above the classified Forum, the use of "FUD". Someone wanna fill me in?

@Janger wrote that, but I believe it means "Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt.". It's a financial term. If you have these emotions, be wary.