1. D

    Other CMTS/SME Show

    Want to see the latest greatest machinery and tooling first hand. Show is on in Toronto Have fun, don't spend too much money as you want it all :cool:.
  2. Janger

    Rose Index

    I saw this Rose Index tool on a video by Tubalcain. It was invented by and is made by Timm Rosenthal. The Rose index lets you accurately rotate a part to specific angles in the mill without a rotary table or spin indexer. The idea is simple. Attach the indexer to your part and align the edge to...
  3. A

    Tooling for sale

    Clearing out shop and have some surplus tooling. Located 5 mins North of Cochrane. All in excellent condition: Drill chuck arbors - $5 each R8- J6 R8 - J2 MT3 - J3 MT3 - J2 End Mill holders - $10 each R8 - 3/8" R8 - 1/2" R8 shank fly cutter 2 1/2" diam, takes 3/8" tool - $15 Morse taper...