standard modern

  1. opensourcefan

    WTB: Standard Modern Lathe 9",10",11" short bed.

    If anyone has one or knows of one for sale that could somehow end up on the West Coast that would be great. I'll arrange freight if need be. I need an OCD project and am ready to move on from my current China lathe. thxs
  2. Cryoine

    Admirable Nelson (Standard Modern Utilathe 10 LD)

    Meeting Admirable Nelson Earlier this year I got a call from a friend that a machine shop was going out of business and they have some equipment for sale. I went there honestly with no expectations of finding anything since most shops have machines that are larger than what a home user needs...
  3. Brent H

    10” Utilathe (Miss Metric) Overhaul Repair

    Hello! So this is the thread where I will post a bunch on overhauling and making some repairs to a 10” Standard Modern Utilathe that has been converted to metric (ish). The lead screw is 7/8” x 4 mm pitch. The cross feed is 1/2” x 2.5 mm LH and the compound is 1/2” x 2.5 mm RH. The...
  4. J

    SM 9x24 metal lathe for sale $3500

    I am picking up a new lathe at Modern Tool in Edmonton in the first week of June. Could deliver. Please email Standard Modern 9x24 metal lathe #2331, Manual included, former high school lathe, owned for 25 years 160mm(6”) three jaw chuck, 1.5”-8tpi cast iron backplate...